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How Long Does a Typical Garage Door Last?

Many clients ask us this question, “how long should a new garage door last me?” This question, as you might expect, is hard to answer. Just like our cars, our roofs, and any of the other things in our life that we rely on, a garage door will withstand the rigors of day-to-day use but could fall short due to external circumstances, some of which are out of your control.

However, we can answer the question simply, with a few caveats. On average, a typical garage door should last you 30,000-50,000 open and close cycles, provided you do your part in protecting and maintaining the essential components of your door. That means that you can expect about 20-30 years of performance out of your door. Let’s break down the components of garage door ownership that most affect its lifespan.


It’s no secret that in Albuquerque, we live in a hot and arid climate. While our weather is consistent, dry weather can accelerate the deterioration of any rubber or plastic components. The great thing about our climate is the lack of humidity and rust, which can do a number on the metal chains and tracks that many garage doors rely on.

However, we do have to worry about extreme heat. Hot temperatures can warp your garage door frame over time. Hot weather can also overheat your motor capacitor. Lastly, hot, dry air can evaporate lubrication.


How often do you close and open your garage door in a day? We estimated earlier that it was 3 times per day, assuming you’d use it to go to and from work, and maybe a single trip sometime in the evening. However, if you use your door more than that, then you’ll certainly reduce its lifespan. As we mentioned previously, garage doors are rated for an average of 10,000 open and close cycles.

Quality of Materials

There are several types of materials, as well as different types of garage door openers. The rule of thumb is the budget options will typically have the shortest lifespans due to having more moving parts that sustain more wear-and-tear through their day-to-day use. Spending more money on your garage door system means fewer moving parts (and thus, less grinding) and a quieter operation.

Garage Door Maintenance is Key to Its Long Life

You might have noticed a pattern; the more you use your garage door, the more wear-and-tear it sustains, and the more its lifespan is reduced. If you have a bad knee from those days as a teenager playing football, then you probably understand how that equation works.

Yet, just like how physical therapy and some TLC can rehabilitate an injury, so too can regular garage door maintenance. If you simply ignore your garage door, it might last less than the typical 30,000 – 50,000 cycles we talked about earlier. However, if you remember to maintain it regularly, it could last you much more.

Are you in need of garage door maintenance or repair in Albuquerque? Reach out to us today.