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Keep Your Home Safe with These 8 Garage Door Security Tips

The garage is the largest opening into your home, yet it is often the most overlooked in terms of home security. This oversight leaves you and your family vulnerable. Protecting your garage should be a top priority in your overall home security strategy. In this blog post, we will share 6 important tips to help secure your garage and ensure that it does not become an easy entry point for unwanted intruders. By following these suggestions, you can rest easy knowing your garage—and your home—are protected.

1. Invest in a secure garage door opener

A locked garage door means your home and belongings are safe. With typical garage door opening systems, if your standard opener is connected to a garage door, it serves as the lock and will not need additional security. As long as you close your garage door, your garage will be locked and secure. With jackshaft garage door openers, they do not lock when they are closed so it’s important to choose and install a lock when you are using a jackshaft garage door opener.

2. Install a smart garage door & security system to protect against unwanted entry

A smart garage door system allows you to control your garage door from your phone and get alerts when the door opens or closes. You can also add additional security features such as motion sensors and cameras to monitor activity around your home. At Garage Doors by Nestor, we offer a variety of smart garage door openers making it easy to secure your garage door from anywhere all from your phone

3. Use quality locks on your garage door

Garage door locks are often overlooked by homeowners, leaving them vulnerable to break-ins. Install high-quality locks on your garage door and windows and ensure they are in good working condition. If you have a garage door opener attached, that is your lock and you do not need a separate lock. Need the opinion of an expert? Our team at Garage Doors by Nestor can inspect and install quality garage door security locks ensuring your home is safe at all times

4. Change the keypad code regularly

If your garage door uses a keypad, it is essential to change the code regularly. This helps keep unwanted visitors from gaining access to your garage by guessing the code. Also, avoid using easy-to-guess numbers such as 1234 and your birthdate.

5. Add motion sensors or cameras outside your home to alert you of suspicious activity

Motion sensors and security cameras can be set up around your home and garage to detect any suspicious activity and alert you immediately. This feature is especially useful if you frequently travel or are away from home for an extended period. Most security cameras today can be controlled from your smartphone and sometimes connect to your smart garage door system.

6. Regularly inspect and test your garage door’s safety features

A malfunctioning garage door can be dangerous and can compromise your garage’s security. Regularly inspect your garage door’s safety features such as the auto-reverse function, which stops the door from closing on objects in its path. Make any necessary repairs promptly. If you identify any areas needing repair, it’s always best to call an expert to make sure it’s done safely and correctly.

7. Keep your garage door closed

This tip may seem obvious, but it is easy to forget to close your garage door. Make it a practice to close the door at all times and never leave it open, even for a short period. 

Securing your garage is essential in protecting your home and family. By following these tips, you can ensure that your garage is not an easy entry point for intruders. Remember to invest in a secure garage door opener, change the keypad code regularly, add motion sensors outside your home, inspect and test your garage door regularly, and keep your garage door closed. These simple steps can go a long way in keeping your home safe and secure. If you are looking for garage door or garage door opener repairs and installation or have any questions about garage doors, reach out to our team at Garage Doors by Nestor today!